Software/Hardware Evaluation

Test | Assess | Upgrade

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Perfecta Federal provides complete test development, execution, observation, and documentation services for software and hardware of all types.  Whether conducted in a third party facility or an onsite, standalone, offline test network, Perfecta can analyze software and resolve code errors, inefficiencies, and mitigate unwanted digital signatures.  Further, Perfecta Federal conducts usability assessments, form factor design, system modernization, and reliability upgrades on hardware devices for a multitude of use cases to include military, commercial, and law enforcement applications.

Penetration Testing

Identify | Report | Mitigate

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Perfecta Federal provides a full range of technical penetration testing services. This includes scanning and testing of systems and networks both locally and remotely for vulnerabilities. Perfecta Federal has the capability to perform analysis of physical access systems and infrastructure. In addition to technical analysis, Perfecta Federal can review architecture, policy, and response procedures for control systems, networks, and access systems. Customer requirements drive focused procedures that result in a comprehensive report detailing findings and mitigation recommendations.


Systems | Networks | Hardware | Software

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Perfecta Federal conducts forensic examinations of systems, networks, hardware and software. Pre and post deployment scans of systems can be conducted to determine exposure to threats. Perfecta can apply post-compromise analysis to assess the extent of damage and provide recommendations on mitigation. Perfecta Federal analyzes and tests software, hardware, and networks in support of vulnerability discovery, compliance verification, quality assurance, and other targeted goals. Perfecta Federal also provides forensic analysis of end user and network devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, routers, switches, access points, and enterprise systems in order to provide the owning agency with a complete review of lifecycle events.


 Design | Modernize | Secure

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Perfecta Federal provides consulting to the US Government and corporations on the design and development of system architecture, operational planning and strategic management. Perfecta Federal leverages its counterintelligence, cyber security, special operations, and intelligence analysis experience, and its ISO 9001 certified system design processes to provide unique insights and solutions.
Perfecta Federal provides commercial Business Development, Marketing, and Capture Management consulting for technically focused products, services, and government contract capture. Perfecta Federal consulting services help companies to package products and services for sale to federal government entities.

Capability Development

Post Snowden™ Solutions

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Perfecta Federal has an exemplary past performance record of developing tailored, secure cyber capabilities for the US government.  For customers with unique requirements, Perfecta develops custom, secure, discreet and most importantly “Post Snowden™ ” solutions.