ArBr – Argent BridgeUnified communications bridge


ArPr – Argent PrismAdvanced data stream management and recording


ArMz – Argent MazeAdvanced threat detection


ArDo – Argent DolphinInline metadata translator


ArTa – Argent TackleCentralized system management


ArTi – Argent TimeSecurity hardened network time server


ArLn – Argent LanternData search, discovery & analysis


ArTn – Argent TitanNetwork traffic camouflage


ArLa – Argent LabyrinthData access network


ArOp – Argent OutpostRapidly deployable secure infrastructure


ArMh – Argent MayhemNetwork obfuscation


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  Voice Comms | Raw Video Ingest | XMPP/Chat Services | Network Management

Download Product Information Sheet (PDF)

Argent Bridge is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) communications system designed to provide critical data to the edge while enabling interoperability between enterprise systems, endpoints, and users.

Argent Bridge provides a secure, standards compliant, open architecture that is reliable and transparent to the end user.

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FMV Management | ISR Stream management | Metadata | Distribution

Download Product Information Sheet (PDF)

Argent Prism provides advanced video & data stream management capabilities.  Scalable to customer requirements, Argent Prism provides output streams to multiple end user devices and enables bandwidth optimization in disadvantaged environments.

Self-Hosted | Create Teams, Groups, and Channels | COTS and GOTS devices | Replace Email | More secure

Download Product Information Sheet (PDF)

Argent Chatter combines voice, radio bridging, chat, and video conferencing systems into a single user-friendly system that complies with Government security standards.

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