Perfecta DeckPunch™ is a secure, isolated, and scalable platform enabling anonymous online research and investigations with built in identity and digital asset management, deconfliction workflows, auditing and robust integrations.


DeckPunch™ enables streamlined communication and coordination for crisis/natural disasters, citizen engagement and sentiment analysis.

Unparalleled Benefits

Paired with robust integrations with DeckPunch™ delivers unparalleled benefits to conduct online research and investigations allowing users to manage their online presence through built-in signature management and fingerprinting tools.

  • Scalable, Secure management of an online presence
  • Approval workflow for messaging deconfliction across the social enterprise
  • Fully searchable audits of all activity within the platform
  • Tight integration with mobile/SMS for mass communication

DeckPunch™ is tailored to the specific needs of government agencies and large enterprises. For more information, please contact us.

Paired with robust integration enabling communication via SMS/MMS/Chat/Video, campaign management workflows, and fingerprint management, DeckPunch™ delivers a massively scalable managed attribution and research platform.

  • Fingerprint & Identity Management
  • Banking & Financial Management

  • Comprehensive Deconfliction Workflows
  • Full Platform Auditability
  • Robust Integrations

Unmatched Features

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